Funerals/Janazah Services

Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

Funeral Services or Janazh are conducted by our community services where our main office will specify to you what further procedure should be made. When the cadaver is brought in the mosque, the member who are in charge of that duty will be washing him/her and kepping in the cold storage before the departed is taken to the graveyard for burying. The list of services available once you approach to us are:

1. Very reasonable prices when when bringing the cadaver into our community and made other procedures.

2. Sitting halls for men and women and with all catering services done.

3. Washing and prayer rooms available.

However, you should also provide us the details of the cadaver and the death certificate form the NHS or we could provide it fro you for free. Finally, we could provide transport for the cadaver to the graveyard for later rituals.

Jazaallah Brothers and Sisters