Our Facilities and Resources

Assalamu Alaikum Brother and Sisters,

My name is Imam Rafique Ahmed and I am going to show you the different facilities and resources we have at our community Mosque. The resources and facilities are:

1. Library where all brothers and sisters can access and read while on their free time.

2. Rooms where they can pray and read the Holy Quran

3. Computers with teachers and technicians where they can help you to make posters or essays on the system

4. 150 Parking Spots for all brothers and sisters accessing the Mosque.

5. Two Wudhu sections for males and women with an extension cleaning and bacteria protection.

6. Prayer room with more than 500 worshippers allowed to pray in and listen to Imam Speeches.

7. Charity shops and voluntary vacancy available for all people to partcicpate and contribute in helping other brothers and sister in need. 

8. Teaching for kids and adults in Islam with help from the teachers, plus class work and exams provided.