Assalamu Alaikum brother and sisters, 

At this point, i do understand how you would have lived with your loved ones and suddenly choose that you wish to seperate. It is a hard in our Islamic religion where families hearts break and feel sad. As part of our community we would like to assist you in your asupport for your divorce.

We at islamic support have few stages where we could try our best to refuse the seperation of married couples. However before you come to us, we would like from you a few requirements like your proof of identity as we need to record details of yours in our records. 

What I am going to explain now to you may sound strange or that you would have never known. Talaq is the subject, and this subject explain how your divorce should be practiced when to Islamic communities, mosques or other. Talaq has a waiting period of three months whether the husband and wife choses to stay together. A divorce needs to be in a proper and honest manner where no one elses forces the other one to say together. It is a method where only the married ones choses and say their responses. Whoever that is found subject of forcing the other one, just to be vindicative or try to revenge, will be found as a sinner as it is written in the Holy Quran brothers and sisters.

For more information about how your Talaq should be made and details about when it has to be done, please email to us at the details on the Contact Page or approach us directly as the details are specified. Before you come to our community you must phone us an hour before where we would sanitize the plaze and keep it clean. Do not forget, face masks to be weared at all times.