Message From Islam Support Organisation,

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and sisters, here I will be giving regular updates about the Coronavirus brief and advices you should always seek from us. As you know coronavirus has made a huge negative impact on the Islamic communities around the United Kingdom and it made our brothers and sisters suffer the most due to this disease.

What can you do to make others safe? It’s simple, you must use face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. They look like simple things to use, but in reality, you must be aware at all times because if not using these methods, not only you would get ill, but you will transfer it to your loved ones which makes it harder for them to relieve. The benefits, however, will reduce any chance for you to get ill. Just think what Allah has said before you enter the prayer room, you must wash yourself remove any bacteria around you to make you more hygienic. This is not a coincidence, this is Allah warning that for prayers and other duties it is essential to wash, but among the other times, it is also needed as it will reduce the impact on the coronavirus.

You will be able to see any updates from now where we will the latest updates from our community and further guidance for you to follow when entering our communities. It is essential for you to follow the Health and Safety principles we have covered, because if you do not then you would be more likely to be fined by one of our staff members.

We hope you do understand our sHealth and Dafety measurements and hope to see you in our communities soon.

Assalamu Alakium Wahramatullahi Wabarakatuhu