Our History and Aim

We are people who contribute part of their work in helping others and supporting their further needs. This organization has been established by us where we agree by helping people for all their Islamic Ceremonies, Funeral Services, Kids and Adults learning.

We aim for the best, we aim that our community lives in peace and harmony and their children get the understanding of Allah (The greatness and the most merciful) who always reminds us to follow our duties and to help others smile. Our duty is mostly similar where we are blessed by Allah in leaving other things and focusing only on why Islam is important and how we can make others feel great about it. It might be insignificant about what this has been proposed for the site or for you, but you will soon understand that these principles will be very useful when helping people with their urgent needs.

However, our job is also to deliver Higher Education and teaching to all your kids and bring the good knowledge and understanding about Islam. We do focus on other services as well like Funeral, Nikah, Counselling, and other facilities. We even do charities where we collect the minimum money gained by our Muslim brothers and sisters and hand it to orphanages, hospitals, families who are not having enough funds to pay their child’s medical expenses, and the ones who are under privileged.

We hope you have understood our mission and we hope you would call us to get more information about donations, our services or to work with as a volunteer which will gain you good deeds as you are working in the cause for Allah.