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Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, we are proud to welcome you all to my website where we will be able to help you in your mostly needs and supports. While you will be browsing this page, we wish that you will understand and appreciate our service we do to you and the rest of the Islamic population living in United Kingdom. We donate every month to charities and to help other brothers ans sisters in their education whether it is related in Islam or not. 

Our community preserves good people and good workers who they sacrifice thier life to help kids in getting the best medical treatments for their conditions and the best of the education to have an excellent future for them ahead. We are hoping that you will be joining us in this journey and help us contribute with other mosques and charity organisations in donating and making this country a better place to live and pray.

We know that you will be asking, what about Ramadan, yes as you know Ramadan this year could not be practiced at our communities due to lockdown measures but we will still be able to accepts any type of payments from you in a form of zakath where you help other people to get good deeds and sins forgiven. We wish everyone enjoys in this wonderful website by reading our contents and services provided and we pray for this Pandemic lockdown to be over. 

Thank You

Islamic Support Team